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Solar SunRise

Solar SunRise for Contractors
90% of solar prospects never install solar. What went wrong? With our Solar SunRise program we will find out for you. 
You sit back while our highly trained turnaround team converts your "dead" leads back into happy solar customers! 
Our partner installers have achieved campaign response rates as high as 50% through this program!
The Solar SunRise System:
  • Inform - You send us a list of solar leads of your choice from your customer database.
  • Engage - Tangerine Power sends a personalized invitation to schedule contact
  • Identify - We identify obvious dead leads & non-responders, & mark them off your list 
  • Contact  We schedule 1-on-1 time with responders.
  • Objections - We identify previous objection and any hidden objections
  • Educate  - We educate the prospect on any changed situations in the market or company's 
  • offering
  • Close  - We attempt to close the sale.
  • Turnover - We return a clean spreadsheet of contacts with sales status and notes on our 
  • contact
  • Change  - We send you an interactive summary report on why customers DIDN'T buy, and 
  • what you can change so they DO buy
  • Commission  - When you sign a sales contract with a lead we touched, you send us a 
  • commission check.
  • Solar SunRisetm!  -- You make more money and get more business while doing less sales work. 
The individuals we connect with represent YOUR future customers. Our privacy, confidentiality, and customer 
service practices must and will meet or exceed your highest standards for professionalism. 
For more information on launching a Solar SunRise campaign to make more money with less effort, contact us